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fanmix: the spoils of war (band of brothers)

Did we expect anything else?

Right. So I finished the series. And I am madly in love with it. I figured the occasion warranted a fanmix. And then, as sheer happenstance would have it, the current theme over at fanmix is "heroes," so, you know. It all kind of fits. And seeing as good old scary intense Captain Speirs was one of my favorites from the show - I think you can see where this is going.

1. heavy boots; cold war kids
you hear the news we haven't got a chance
heavy boots crawling on our hands

2. road to ruin; the libertines
how can we
make you understand
all you can be is given in your hand

3. wolves at night; manchester orchestra
'cause a disaster's a disaster
no matter what christian language you drag it through

4. the sword song; clap your hands say yeah
just a man, like i am
human hair, human heart

5. gimme shelter; the rolling stones
war, children
it's just a shot away

6. running the world; jarvis cocker
in theory i respect your right to exist

7. winged/wicked things; sunset rubdown
they need the rest of us to stay alive
so that's not where confusion lies
that's not where an allusion to the fact that the truth
is just smoke in your eye does lie

8. avalon; sigur ros

9. keep it upstairs; the national
because they wanted to travel the world
these are the kind of things you should worry about

10. before departure; pj harvey
and the older i become
i realize my friendships

11. sail to the moon (brush the cobwebs of the sky); radiohead
maybe you'll build an ark
be president or in the flood
but know right from wrong

12. napoleon on the bellerophon; beirut

13. animal friends; p:ano
tonight i'm going to try and do some reading before bed
in the hopes that my sleep will be less troubled then

14. sing! captain; handsome furs
and if there's a god, he's a little gun
and he holds you closely inside these walls

Tags: fanmix!, tv: band of brothers
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